And a not-so-dangerous liaison …

What a difference a couple of yards makes (metres for any metric people).

Same grass verge, same day, same time (give or take a few minutes) as the Stinging Nettle below.

So how come one brings so much pleasure, and the other brings so much pain?

Ah, Mother Nature and her mood swings ….

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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3 thoughts on “And a not-so-dangerous liaison …

  1. MANagING maNIA

    Love your pictures. Always so awesome!!!

    • Thanks for the compliments!
      I guess I’ve not really figured out any central theme for this blog.
      I’d intended to dazzle people with my witty observations on life –
      but as I’m sure you well know, witticisms aren’t always easily sourced when the mood changes,
      so I’ve taken to throwing in pictures to fill the in during the writer’s blocks :o)

      I’m glad you like them.

      • MANagING maNIA

        You have a gift with photography. I wouldn’t worry about the wit and entertainment of writing. When I do my daily blog run (okay…runs), I look forward to your photos.

        Keep ’em coming. 🙂

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