Maternal mutterings …

It’s Mother’s Day today here in the United Kingdom.

It’s one of those surreal days of the year, along with my birthday and Christmas, that is particularly uncomfortable for a single mother, who has no family in the area, no significant other in the picture, and no real friends that need to be put upon right now.

Each year I am faced with a dilemma whether to tell my son about these “special” days, or whether I should just stay quiet about it and let the day pass by as any other. If I choose to say something, and he wants to buy me a present, then I would have to give him the money for it, and probably take him to the shops too. So, it all seems a bit self-indulgent. If I say nothing, I guess I potentially send out the signal that such days are insignificant. When he is big and grown, he may decide to overlook his own family’s special days, and how would his own significant other respond to that?

When he was a bit younger, the children would make something for their mums at school, and they would bring their special gift home on the Friday. But since Year 4, they haven’t bothered to do that in the classroom, and the onus has been placed squarely back in my lap.  Even suggesting to him that he may want to make me a card just sounds completely self-serving.

I admit I would love to have breakfast in bed, or a bunch of flowers, or go out for a carvery for a special treat – but when I would be paying for the bill, it seems a bit pointless ….

So I chose to let sleeping dogs lie today – literally! My son didn’t get out bed until after lunchtime anyway, and then went out to play with his mates for most of the afternoon. We had egg and chips for dinner, watched a little TV, had a bath, and I read the last part of a Tracy Beaker story to him before bedtime.

I didn’t completely dismiss the day though. While he was out with his maties, I popped over to the cheap shop and grabbed my own little treats. And as I sit here with my glass of Baileys and bag of marshmallows, I suppose it wasn’t all bad …

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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6 thoughts on “Maternal mutterings …

  1. MANagING maNIA

    Happy Mother’s Day.

    And take the Bailey’s and marshmallows to your nightstand, and give yourself a breakfast in bed in the morning. You have earned it. 🙂

    • Thank you, kind sir.
      No breakfast in bed this morning either, as needed to be up with the lark to chase the school bus down the road!
      But I can’t think of a better mid-morning snack 🙂

      Happy Monday to you!

  2. Wonderful capture! I love macro shots.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Alice!

  4. Thank you very much, Sherene.
    I’d say “same back at ya” – but I know your lot on the other side of the pond don’t do Mother’s Day until May.
    So …. Happy Monday!


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