What a shame …

Something else I found on my foggy walk this morning. The daffodils around the castle had all been picked and then simply strewn on the grass. I was there around 9am, and the daffodils were still relatively fresh, despite a layer of dew, so I can only assume (and from watching too much CSI) that they had been plucked earlier that morning – perhaps kids on their way to school.

Such a waste of such a pretty flower. At least they are perennials, and the bulbs haven’t been dragged out too, but I’m sure there are more people than me who feel a sense of pleasure and peace when they come across flowers growing naturally, and whoever did this obviously didn’t give any consideration to the disappointment this type of mindless action causes.

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4 thoughts on “What a shame …

  1. Awww what! I agree…a waste of such a pretty flower!

    • I know, it really sucked. I was so annoyed. And we couldn’t even collect them up to take home and put in a vase, because technically, that would have been stealing …

      • I would have been annoyed too! And I think if you had given them a nice vase to spend the rest of their lives in then the ‘stealing’ part wouldnt have counted 🙂

  2. A shame no doubt – but great, strong pictures!

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