Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

I’ve been hoping for an opportunity to post this photo, and I think it fits the theme “through” quite well.

We went to see a travelling show called “Colourscape” when it visited a town near us. It is basically a huge structure made out of parachute-like material withmore than a hundred interjoining cells, each one being made of a different bright colour, lit by the light outside.

As we walked in, we donned cotton overalls, each in one or other of the primary colours (red, blue, or yellow).

Basically, the show was designed to make us question how colour is subject to its environment, and how our perception of colour changes. There were many rooms, and once we found our way to the central area, there was a couple of acoustic musicians playing guitar and bongos. It was all quite trippy really, and very laid back.

I took this picture of my son and a friend walking through the structure. This is a completely original photo – no Photoshop, no nothing – so you get an idea of how deep and gorgeous the colours were.

Unfortunately, there was an accident at a later event, when the structure was lifted into the air by a strong gust of wind, and crashed to the floor. Two women who were inside it at the time were killed. I thought they’d retired the show after that, but, having just looked it up on the web, it seems it’s up and running again.

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47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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  3. Rebekah

    That is a fabulous photo … glad you got an opportunity to post it! It really goes well with the ‘through’!

    What a sad and unfortunate event, about the accident!

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  5. Funky!

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  8. I have long been intrigued with the effect that different colors of light have on colored objects. I also note with interest the colors of the shadows. Here the shadows are a wonderful shade of violet.

  9. Wonderful photo but how very sad to read of the accident.

  10. Brilliant photo!

  11. Great image, sad story to go along with it 😦

  12. what a nice click ….. I looked at it repeatedly…..beautiful

  13. Ooooooh! Write that into a Kid Lit Sci-Fi story! Great one!

  14. I liked it for the photo but sorry to hear the tragic news. May they rest in peace. Great photo.

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  16. This is a wonderful interpretation of “through”, Alice.

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  18. Beautiful photo! Love the colors and shapes.

  19. Fantastic photo, Alice! I love how deep and rich the colors are – gorgeous light, shadow and composition… This is a great choice for this week’s challenge! 🙂

    • Thanks.
      I’d love to take credit for it, but this was one of the easiest photos I’ve taken. The colours and shapes were all provided by the exhibit itself. But I am pleased with the effect.

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  22. Cool shot! Very mystical. It’s not every day you get a chance for a shot like that.

  23. What an amazing photo!! It know you won’t take total credit, but you saw it and took it…great!!

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  25. Great photo!

  26. I can’t believe I missed this one. That’s a great shot; “Superhero & Sidekick”, and what a story? I would imagine that they figured how to better anchor the structure against inclement weather events.

  27. Hi Alice, Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you visit again.


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