Along came a spider … (Bug-a-Day #1?)

Apologies to anyone who hates creepy crawlies – especially the supremely unattractive ones – but I was just a-wandering this afternoon with my trusty lens, and this little critter caught my attention.

I’d never seen one before, but I think it may be a Nursery Web Spider, from what little help I’ve gained trying to look it up.

I find her quite cute, in a six-eyed, bristle-haired, scary kind of way.

Click on the photo to get a clearer version, if you can handle it 🙂

I just thought it made a bit of a change from posting pictures of cutesy puppies and daffodils.

In fact, I’m tempted to start a Bug-a-Day Challenge for myself ….

Any comments will be welcomed 🙂

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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5 thoughts on “Along came a spider … (Bug-a-Day #1?)

  1. This is amazing, but I can’t look too long because I have an awful fear of spiders.

  2. At last, I found you!

  3. I have a phobia of spiders, but this is one amazing shot!

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