Dewdrops keep messing with my head. (Sung to the tune of…)

Yesterday (early hours of this morning?) I posted a rather self-indulgent commentary about being popular and all that nonsense …. In my haste to publish said post, I added a photo that I pulled from my “go-to” box of tricks of dew drops on a spider web thread.

Now, in the clear light of day, I question that decision, because the picture is not great – it is a bit blurred and gets blurrier as it gets closer to the edge. And one of the more annoying counterparts to my illness is an excruciating desire for perfection in what I share with others – along with a constant kicking of myself when I notice flaws. Consequently, that photo has been bothering the crap out of me all day.

But I have fought against the temptation to remove it. Something about this blogging business has begun to calm the perfectionism demon to some extent. I’ve allowed a few niggly bits to slide through, because I keep reminding  myself that I am doing this primarily for me, as much as I really appreciate the wonderful feedback I’ve been receiving from fellow bloggers.  Anyway, as usual, I digress …

I’ve been thinking about the way I take photos, and I’ve become conscious that my way of taking many of my macro photos is probably not the most conventional, and certainly not professional. I don’t own a tripod, so I have no choice but to do hand held stuff. I don’t like flash photography, so the flash is always off, and the auto focus annoys the pants off me, so I generally just set the focus to manual and hope for the best.

And I realise I do it one-handed too! Many of the shots I take are just me reaching into the briar patch (or whatever) with one hand holding the camera — index finger on the shutter release and thumb and other fingers around the grip. I have one of those LCD viewers that pulls out at an angle, so that’s helpful. But then it’s just a case of swinging the lens close enough and clicking the shutter release when I think the focus is clearest. Not the easiest way to do photography, especially when I have to reach up to or into something to get close enough – but I get lucky with it.

So I’ve decided I won’t beat myself up too much about a little blur on a single spider web thread three feet into a bramble bush, on a soft breeze, using one hand and manual macro focus. However, I must do better!

Dewdrops are a particular sticking point for me – I feel I can never get them clear enough or sharp enough for my liking. But I had another go this morning, in spite of myself, on the old blackberry bush outside my back gate after another foggy morning. This time I set the shutter speed to various fast speeds in an effort to reduce the impact the one-hand-held drift might have. And, in my humble opinion, this one came out a bit better than yesterday’s mediocre attempt.

I’ll get there in the end – but if anyone has any hints for a hard-headed, stubborn-arsed woman who is set in her technophobic ways, I’ll be begrudgingly happy to hear them ?

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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One thought on “Dewdrops keep messing with my head. (Sung to the tune of…)

  1. Can I just say that, for someone doing everything manually … your photos are really amazing. I really get inspired viewing them. 😀

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