Rain, rain, go away ….

I just wrote a whole page of very distressing, very angry, very unhappy prose about the way I currently feel. I was intending to post it here on my blog – but I have decided to save it to draft and not burden the blogging community with such depressing reverie.  Unlike on Sunday, when this bout of low mood drove me to write with rather therapeutic results, this time the typing did nothing to ease the pain nor dissipate the thoughts.

Suffice it to say I am grossly unhappy, tearful, hopeless, and at a loss for where to turn right now.

So in the absence of any real support, I turn to what is rapidly becoming what I am most well known for – my photographs.

Today, it rained, and earlier this morning I experimented with various combinations of lacy net curtains and the rain on the window in which they hang.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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16 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away ….

  1. Photos are beautiful. So are you. May I suggest your seeing a good doctor for your current state? If u were physically ill, you’d go to the doc, right? XO

    • Thank you for that. I did indeed call the Crisis team last night, and they came to visit me this morning – so hopefully things will start getting on track.
      I have your email, and I will use it

  2. To be known for your photographs, which are beautiful and reveal so much is something you should be very proud of. Wish I could help on the mood part. There is no doubt that living with depression whether it be in a low grade or clinical is very hard. I won’t attempt to guide you in dealing with it. But do know that support is there -sometimes in the strangest of ways. May those photographs you take aid you in your path to wellness.

  3. Keep writing, keep photographing. The text is touching, the photographs are beautiful, so don’t stop. There is flower out there waiting for your macro lens 🙂

  4. This is a beautiful series – I especially love the out-of-focus parts. …and keep going by any means!

  5. MindMindful

    Lovely pics, & moody too ………. probably reflective to some extent.

    This is none of my business, really, but if you WANT to use that depressive reverie — you can make it one ‘voice’ in a back & forth, conversation w/ your ‘happy voice’ ……… just a thought:) Wishing you that happy voice ………

    • Thank you for the helpful suggestion. I can see where that would be a useful way to diffuse the negative energy and remind me that there is a positive side within me. But the happy voice is difficult to locate sometimes. It’ll be back soon though, I’m sure.

      • MindMindful

        I have no doubt the happy voice will return — after all, by venting the depressive reverie (& letting go of it) — you made room for the happy!!

  6. You are very creative. The photos are awesome. I’m so sorry to hear that you were feeling down. Depression is a nasty thing. I hope you’re feeling better by the day.

  7. These abstracts look especially impressive with the thick black borders.

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