Bug-a-day #14 – Blue damselfly

Nearly forgot to post one today!  But it’s not quite midnight here yet, so I haven’t turned into a pumpkin (although many may argue with that!) and I still have minutes to spare.

This was taken last year at a country park. She’s a Damselfly, not to be confused with the family of dragonflies, whose wings would be at 90 degrees to their body at rest. Still, she was just as tricky to pin down for long because she kept flitting off in different directions when the auto focus “whirr” came too close.

So …. this was my first ever attempt to set manual focus and just reach my hand towards my subject, using the LED screen to guesstimate when it may be in focus. And in the midst of several blurrier attempts, this picture showed up.  Since then, I’ve basically used the same “reach and guess” method for most of my bug stuff … and I think I do OK from it.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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13 thoughts on “Bug-a-day #14 – Blue damselfly

  1. Most excellent !

  2. I love damsel and dragonflies! This is the kind of image I aspire to capture, very well done. Most of mine pale in comparison. One trick I’ve learned while trying to photograph them is to sit back and watch them for a bit. They always seem to land on the same blade of grass or stick. I will try to pre-focus on that spot and wait them out. A longer focal length macro lens helps, giving you more working room without spooking them. That is why I went with a 150mm.

    • Thanks for your really supportive comments! I’m no professional, so much of what you say about focal lengths and the such goes straight over my head I’m afraid! I think my lens is 30mm – does that make sense?
      But yes, I think the insect thing is very much about patience and, in my case, just a lot of blind,dumb luck!

      • Are you using a dslr?

        Agreed, blind dumb luck is a huge part of my dragon / damsel fly photography kit too.

      • Yes it’s a Sony a550. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who has a photographer’s enthusiasm, and maybe the eye – but no knowledge of how all the technical stuff happens.

      • But the internet is so good for that! The net and meeting a few talented locals has got me to where I am now. At least where I think I am now 😉

        If you like making macro images of insects, I would get the longest focal length lens that is reasonably in your budget. The biggest advantage is the longer working distance. As you well know, butterflies etc., generally don’t like their photo taken 🙂 The drawback is the same with any other telephoto lens, shallow depth of field. Simply put, for any given f-stop, a longer focal length lens will have a shallower DOF.

        Yes, this money sucking hobby is nothing but a bunch of trade-offs. Learning to make them work for you is where all the fun is.

  3. Beautiful

  4. Gorgeous!

  5. polly

    awesome shot

  6. Thanks. Sometimes I get lucky like that 🙂

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