Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey #3

Ok! I promise (fingers crossed …. ) that this will be the last one – but I just remembered these ones I took off the plane coming back from the states, and this is another of those bizarre sunset shots.

If you think the colours are crazy in the sun now … try tipping the screen back slowly as you look at the picture!

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

Weekly photo challenge

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey #3

  1. This is incredible!!!! I love the wing in the shot.

  2. Nice one!

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of wing shots but this one’s the best.

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  6. thanks for visiting my blog … it allowed me to find your wonderful shots.

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  8. This is simply beautiful.

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  11. polly

    love the look of the sky

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