Controlling tension … Bug-a-day #16 – Pond skater

I went searching for this little guy this afternoon. It was a dull, dull day – but he was out there on his own as usual, skating around on top of the surface of the pond.

Pond Skaters are adapted to use the tension on the surface of water to get around. They are not the prettiest of creatures – but I can’t help but admire a critter that uses tension to its own advantage and ends up walking on water 🙂

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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14 thoughts on “Controlling tension … Bug-a-day #16 – Pond skater

  1. Love the first one.

    • Thanks. I preferred the first one too. The second picture had a grass blade cuttting into the left hand side of the picture and just screwed up the composition. Couldn’t balance it even with harsh cropping, so as you see, I just deleted it from the post 🙂

      • Oh don’t delete. I didn’t think the second was bad at all, the first is just better.

        I like to think of my less than stellar images as experiments gone awry 😉 But the true crap is seen by me and me alone, right before I slap it with a great big dose of the delete key!

        But once it’s out there for all to see, good or bad, it gets to stay.

      • I would like to add that I think the first has a more artistic quality to it. While the second was more of a documentary style photo. Kind of what you might see in a field guide. But not a bad photo.

  2. Great compisition on the first image.

  3. Great photos Alice.. I love the colour and composition..

  4. Love your macro photos, Alice! Please keep posting them.

  5. You have such a talent… stay strong and keep on sharing these beautiful images. You actually make me want to look at bugs, LOL. That is NOT an easy feat 🙂

  6. polly

    awesome shot

  7. It wasn’t easy. I nearly dropped my camera into the pond trying to get close enough to the darn thing!

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