Bug-a-day #21 – Earthworm

I don’t know if something like an earthworm really fits into the category of “bugs.” It’s not even technically a “creepy” or a “crawly” – more a slimy slithery. But anyway, I thought I’d give it its four minutes of fame in any case.

I appreciate the pictures themselves are nothing special compositionally, BUT ….

Check out that fluorescence? … luminescence? … incandescence?  Oh, bugger it, check out that GLOW!

I have never noticed this before. Do they all have this going on? Or did I just stumble across one that was radioactive??


© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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13 thoughts on “Bug-a-day #21 – Earthworm

  1. that is way cool. Have seen a lot of worms but none with a glow to them before? hmmmmmmm, wonder what is in that soil?

  2. MindMindful

    No, when they are getting enough decayed matter to eat & the right amount of moisture, as they go about their good work of creating healthy soil: they glow:)

    • Is that true? Well, I’ve learned something new today!

      • MindMindful

        Well, I COULD be responding from my great love of the earthworm, & COULD be perhaps exaggerating their beauty. I guess I’m meaning “glow” in its sense of emotional resonance, haha

      • Ohhh – that went almost as deep as the earthworm itself then 🙂

      • MindMindful

        haha! Well, just LIKE the earthworm, I too can be completely full of …… compost. BTW, those are lovely photos.

  3. It’s irridescent! Pretty!

  4. Not exactly pretty, but awesome!

  5. You might want to have a look at this blog

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