Weekly photo challenge: Two subjects (second helping)

Came across these pictures I took in New Orleans, and remembered I had intentionally composed them to include two subjects with different stories.  As it happens, one of the subjects always includes the girl with the violin – but the others change.

With any luck – and if I’ve done my job right – you’ll be able to figure out the other of the two subjects:

Photo Challenge

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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40 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Two subjects (second helping)

  1. jakesprinter

    Nice post for this week theme

  2. Alice, I happened to notice your link on the WP site and clicked on it. Funny you should have posted photos from New Orleans, as I just got back from there a couple of hours ago! I will be posting captures from my trip most of the week. I just have to get them organized. Nice! Glad I clicked! Margie

    • Thanks. Hope you enjoyed your trip. Mine wasn’t really for touristy reasons, but my son and I happened to make an afternoon of sitting at the Cafe do Monde one afternoon (as you do!). there’s a couple of other pics in the “Journey” challenge last week too 🙂

  3. Three great shots though I think the first is my favourite

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  5. Nice shots – the bottom oneis my favorite!

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  7. Busking in the streets, oh yes I can remember doing similar years ago now..;)

  8. ponky

    soon very soon I will be posting my street shots 🙂 great photos Alice

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  10. Nice… 🙂
    Like the mood of the pictures..

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  14. Nice photos. I like the focus on the third photo. I saw those two ladies playing on Royal street this past week. She does a wonderful job with the violin.

    • It’s good to know they are still going … I took those pics about three years ago.
      I think this was taken on Decatur? at the Cafe du monde. I assume the musicians must have alloted times for different pitches.
      What a great life if you can do it!

  15. Great shots, Macro Alice!

  16. Thank you, Horsey Woman Robin!

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  20. Alice, wonderful photo’s 😀

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  24. Interesting and very perceptive!

  25. Thank you. I’m not keen on “normal” pictures – so it was good to find interesting subjects.

  26. Even though I don’t see any bugs in these, I think you did a great job with them 😉

    • Thank you – I think!
      Funny, I didn’t intend for my blog to be known for photos initially, but things happened that way… And now, it seems, that I’m renowned for bugs!
      I’ve created a monster! 🙂

      • It was definitely meant as a compliment!

        I like reading your posts, but the photographer in me has to mention the photos too!

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