Every cloud has a silver lining …

OK – so I think we can confidently say that the 10th April and surrounding days will go down as one of the STOOOOOPIDEST weeks in the annals of my own history.

Having said that ….. I’m still here!!  🙂

Following the unfortunate appointment I had last Wednesday with my new Nemesis, I did receive a further appointment on Friday to go and see the psychiatric consultant who had made the original call to postpone any treatment for three months.

I approached the appointment with a fair level of cynicism, and I wasn’t expecting great things from this psych. In my view, he was the guy who had made some sweeping decision about me without even bothering to speak to me. His initial presentation didn’t quell my unrest either. He was dishevelled, sounded a bit fed up, and couldn’t sit still in his chair. In fact, he was really fidgety, and several times during the interview, he twisted and turned his way down in the chair to the point where he’d have to heave himself back into an upright position again. I was conscious that I was quite defensive with him, didn’t really look at him when answering his questions, and initially gave him few helpful responses.

But as the minutes ticked by, I realised he had actually done his homework on me! He knew a fair bit of my history, he knew I’d lived in the States, he knew about my son, he told me all the previous workers I’d been involved with and why, what meds I’d been on previously, and what therapy had been tried. He wanted to look at my mood diaries, and to discuss several entries in more depth. He was interested in exactly what happened the other day and what was going on in my head when it happened. I knew of him because we have used him for reports in my job occasionally. What I wasn’t expecting was that he would know about my job too, and was able to relate to the various parts of my job that may be more difficult at this time – suggesting instead that I shouldn’t return for at least another month or so, as I will need time for the new treatment to start to take effect.

Uh oh …. did he say “treatment”?  Yes, indeedy!

First …. the diagnosis.  Actually, he doesn’t believe it is Cyclothymia. He referred to the last five months of mood charts and my previous encounters with MH services, and said he thinks it’s more serious than Cyclothymia (duh!). He alluded to “rapid cycling” but even that doesn’t fit perfectly due to the almost weekly swinging I seem to do, usually from one extreme to the other with little to no time in the middle/normal range. But that will apparently do for now.

He went through every medication available and told me a lot about their histories and how they came about. At the time, it all sounded very interesting, but it didn’t go into the long-term memory, I’m afraid – probably because I was just waiting for him to get to my medication!  Abilify was the original go-to choice; but at the eleventh hour, the decision was made to prescribe Seroquel as there was more chance of helping my nightly restless sleep patterns.

So … here I am … still here.    And, hopefully, on-track towards normal.

Every cloud …..

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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12 thoughts on “Every cloud has a silver lining …

  1. Alice, I’m keeping you in my prayers – I hope that doesn’t offend you. Let’s hope Squirmy Doc will help to improve things.

  2. Sending good thougths your way, Alice! 😉 Sounds like you now have someone competent on your side.

  3. All good all good… but don’t head for normal whatever you do !!!! ( and whatever that is !! )

  4. Alice, You sound optimistic….that is great! Sometimes I think our perspective is almost as important as what the docs do and say.
    Thanks again for your great feedback on my post….from now on, you are one of my “neighbors”. 😀

    • Being neighbours (note the correct spelling! 🙂 ) sounds like a good plan. We can grab each other by the waistband whenever we start to sink again.
      Hope you made that appointment ….

  5. DeeDee

    Sounds like progress! I hope things continue to improve – even a shred of optimism is worth clinging to.

    • Thanks DeeDee.
      I’d like to say things are looking up …. but right now this medicine wipes me out so much, I can hardly string two words together.
      How long are side effects supposed to last again? 🙂

  6. Very glad you’re still here, and doubly glad things appear to be looking up!

    Awesome sky in that photo too!

  7. Thank you …. and thank you 🙂
    The clouds were crazy that day weren’t they! I’ve not seen one with such dark parts within it before.

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