Bug-a-day #27 – Money spider

Headed out to the castle this morning after two days of pretty heavy rains …. and promptly slipped and fell on my backside.

So I decided to confine my efforts to taking a few more dewdrop pictures over the wall of the castle grounds, when I saw this “money spider” trying to rebuild a web.  They are basically tiny spiders and, according to superstition, if you let it crawl around your arm twice you will have some kind of financial windfall.

It was still pretty early in the morning, and this medicine I’m on practically wipes me out – so whenever the little angel zipwired down his web strands, my reflexes were so slow all I got was a blurry blob. So I gave up trying to do “action shots” and reserved my clicking to moments when he was a bit more static.

Oh, and as I walked round the other side of the castle to return home …. I prompted fell on my arse again!   So much for luck – I returned home caked in mud. I’ve been picking the bits out of the camera lens since then too.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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18 thoughts on “Bug-a-day #27 – Money spider

  1. Simply amazing. Wonderful photos!

  2. I may be imagining it, but I think I can see a few strands of web. And I love the first shot – he looks like he’s floating!

    • I think you can certainly see part of his webbing in the bottom picture.
      He does look very cool in the first picture. I was tempted to just show close-ups, but I think this one puts him in his setting quite well.

  3. sorry to know that today’s outing was mud-cacked but boy we sure benefitted. Great shots of this little dude! spiders fascinate me. I think they are incredible creatures and I love watching them spin their webs.

    • I did watch him for a while. There was another spinning a web nearby too. I think these are the types of spider called “sheet weavers” because they just spin webs back and forth until they make a type of sheet. Not as intricate as the typical spider web, but I imagine just as effective.
      Oh, and I think the mud just came as a perk of the exercise 🙂

  4. The itsy-bitsy spider…..
    Amazing, Alice! Not only is the spider a beauty, but the blurred colors of the background are awesome as well. Sorry you fell; hope you adjust to the meds and it gets a little easier. Are you feeling any better? I’ve been thinking of you. 🙂 ~Rainey

    • Thanks Rainey.
      Now they are posted, I’m quite pleased with them.
      I don’t care about the falling. I was plastered in mud, and realised I must have looked a right sight – but I have a bit of a childish attitude about it and think it’s quite funny 🙂

      As for the meds – who knows? I’m just permanently zombiefied at the moment, but I can force myself out and about, so it’s not all bad.

  5. Love them Alice… great Bokeh!

  6. Now I know what Bokeh means ….. Thanks!

  7. Nice pictures!

  8. Nice catch there. Looks like a stingy “money spider” to me as it seems to make you pay big time to take its picture. Hope the falls are not too serious.

  9. polly

    great shots

  10. The spider seems a bit lost in the first one, but the other two are WOW! good. Great composition, excellent light, and wonderful detail! You’ve outdone yourself with these.

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