Divided we fall …


How do two separate Worlds come together?

How do two Souls born of different blood

Find the pleasure

In each other’s heart?


When do we break down the Wall that encloses?

When do we silence the ignorant Voice

That opposes

And keeps us apart?


Why do the Closed Minds insist on abuse?

Why do we listen to those who deny

And refuse

Us the freedom of Choice?


Why do our Differences have to consume us?

Why don’t we recognise Similar traits

And presume

That our Hearts have One Voice?


What do we say to our inner Desire?

What do we reach for to quench and extinguish

The Fire

That Dares to Ignite?


Where do we run to to ride out the Storm?

Where do we look for the Shelter to keep us

So warm

On a tempest-torn night?


Where do we turn in the face of frustration?

Where do we search for the ground that will hold

The Foundation

For Love to stand tall?


What do you do when two Worlds collide?

Do you try to assess the effect on your Pride?

Do you walk away leaving the water untried?

Do you look for a Rock under which you can hide?

Or do you hold out your Hand and let me be your Guide

If I Promise

I Won’t Let You Fall?


© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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7 thoughts on “Divided we fall …

  1. Beautiful, simply.

  2. Really Poetic.

  3. Lovely~

  4. This is amazing. I love the rhythm of it. 😀

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