Divided we … make rainbows!

Yesterday, when I posted the poem Divided we fall I had a lot of trouble trying to add a picture to go with the poem.

I was trying to be a bit arty – and lateral thinking – by putting a picture of oil and water (never mix, therefore always divided …. get it?)

Anyway, the Computer-god thought it was a rubbish idea (as I do now!), and made it so difficult to make it look relevant that I gave up in the end and removed it.

As it happened, I still think the mixture of oil and water, despite them being unmixable, can result in some beautiful effects in the right light.

I took a few pictures of a muddy puddle after some neighbours had been working on their car nearby. The petrol (or the oil or the diesel) had evidently leaked into the puddle, and I couldn’t resist capturing the effects. I did  “apply image” to deepen the picture to start, and then fiddled with and pumped up the saturation to produce the following pictures.

Nowt wrong with a bit of abstract, in my opinion ….

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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11 thoughts on “Divided we … make rainbows!

  1. The obscure beauty of pollution.

  2. MindMindful

    They do make for fascinating images! I want cashmere sweaters like these.

  3. OMG … these are AWESOME! They almost look like peacock feathers gone “crazy”. LOL! I absolutely love these … Thanks for sharing. 😀

  4. great experiment 😀

  5. These are beautiful Alice! As an auto mechanic in my other, not photographer, need to pay the bills somehow life, I’ve thought of trying just such an image. Not sure I want to now, it would be too hard to measure up to these! 😀

    • Oh no! Mine was in the dirty puddle at the back of the house with the local riff raff dumping diesel! I’m quite sure in your other life, you can find some much more worthy oil/water subjects 🙂

      • Well unless you have some mad post processing skills I have yet to see colors like that in any puddle with a few drops of oil in it! Like I said, the colors in your are amazing!

  6. Coffee time with Claudia

    Very nice! 😉

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