Bug-a-day needs a new name! (#39)

Bug-a-day, I think, needs a new name … because it’s not really, is it?  I mean, it’s now taken me me about 43 days to post 39 bugs … so it’s not technically true.

In addition, the title, for the British listeners among us, tends to sound a bit like a celebration of a deviant sex act ….. so I believe a change is necessary.

I’ve thought of a few alternatives, but they all sound corny – Bug Business, Just Buzzin’, Mini-Beasts, Critter Corner, The Buzzness (hmmm … no) – and Bug Watch is just so overused.

So … any suggestions on a postcard please, or just pop them in the comments box below.

Oh, and as for today’s bug …. I haven’t got a clue what it is.




© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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14 thoughts on “Bug-a-day needs a new name! (#39)

  1. What about simply “The Bug Series”? Wonderland Bugs, Alices Bugs …

  2. polly

    great series of shots, What about It’s a bug life.

  3. “One Thorax, Six Legs”? “Mystery Bugs”? “Alice Wonders”?

  4. hmmm… Creepy Crawlers, The Latest Bug Bites, I don’t know… My brain’s on siesta right now. 🙂 If I think of anything I’ll let you know. 🙂

  5. The Ugly Bug Ball ??

  6. why not just stay with name of your blog and tagline and then post whatever you choose each day!

  7. I dunno, Bug-a-Day has kinda grown on me! 🙂

    Maybe Bug-O-Rama! 😀

  8. “Bug Off”
    “Bug Blog”
    “Up Close and Personal: The Life of Bugs”
    “Critter Closeups”
    “The Life and Times of Bugs”
    “Wings and Stings”
    My brain is tired….

  9. Alice’s Incredible Insect Images 😀

  10. I like today’s bug, whatever it is!

  11. I like the old name.

  12. I dunno – but I think “Bug a Day” has a lot of connotations. It could be talking about insects, as in this case, or things that “bug” you (as in an irritant), or. . . . Maybe you could go with “At the End of the Food Chain”. Are bugs at the end of the food chain?

  13. Jane

    Insectisite ? Or is that too cruel being a play on insecticide? 🙂

  14. Snug like a bug…behind the scenes? 🙂

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