Wee beasties #41 – Black Fly

Good news!

After eleven years of living here, I’ve JUST figured out that there is a butterfly farm/insectarium within 15 minutes of our house!

I intend to visit, and probably buy a membership for the year, within the next few days – so it looks like I may have a new bug playground to romp in 🙂

Meanwhile …. here’s a Black Fly with the worst dribbling problem I’ve seen.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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18 thoughts on “Wee beasties #41 – Black Fly

  1. hey, he was blowing bubbles for you! Great news about the butterfly farm/insectarium, just think of the fun you’re going to have.

  2. Wonderful macro shot, but I’m looking forward to see the butterfly shots. Butterflies are more pleasant than black flies.

  3. You always get SUCH good macro shots! Loving it 🙂 And im looking forward to the butterfly photos too!

  4. And I thought my son was bad at that… 😉

  5. There’s one about an hour from me… keep meaning to go… this also reminds me I have an “essence of fly” post half prepared… must finish it soon!!

  6. Is he drooling? Or preparing to feed some young flies? Which makes me realize I know nothing about the reproductive process of flies except that they seem to do it often.

    • Well, funny you should ask …apparently
      “Sometimes the fly regurgitates the partly digested fluid, which hangs as a large drop from the lobes of the proboscis and may be left on the surface where the fly has settled, and seen as a ‘vomit spot’ on windows, etc. This procedure possibly enables the fly to mix more saliva with the food, since the salivary duct opens into the oesophagus only just above the lobes of the proboscis.”
      Way too much information for my liking, but at least we both now know 🙂

  7. MindMindful

    I love your photos of insects. They make me look more closely & willingly at the bugs around me:)

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