Wee beasties #43 – Woundwort shield bug

This guy glistened in the sunlight with the metallic bronze shimmer that looks almost painted on. Moreso, when he fell onto the leaf below and landed on his back.  He was very small (approx 4mm) and I found him nestling in the leaves of a Dead Nettle. He is another Shield bug, which are quickly becoming a frequent target of my lens.

I have already posted pictures of the Hawthorn Shield bug and the Pied Shield bug . This little bronzed beauty is a Woundwort Shield bug. Personally, I like the little candy stripe edging around the shield. It’s almost as if Mother Nature decided it needed to be finished off neatly – a bit like braid around a cushion 🙂

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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16 thoughts on “Wee beasties #43 – Woundwort shield bug

  1. I like how it looks somewhat iridescent.

  2. Gorgeous – he looks like an enameled brooch. Well, when he’s right side up he does. Not so much on his back.

  3. the detail is just incredible. You sure are opening our eyes to a lot of delicate creativity in our world.

    • I’m glad I found him. It’s the texture of their “skin” that gets me. He’s similar to the Hawthorn shield bug I posted before, with those dints all over. At first I thought “why bother with all that?” But I suppose if you’re insect size, it looks quite formidable.

  4. Amazing photos! Need “bug”! And LOVE the new name for the series!!! I hadn’t been on much this week and thus just found out what you renamed your bug series… again, LOVE “Wee beasties”!!!! Perfect name.

  5. Wow! Well spotted! Beautiful detail, what a fantastic ‘jacket’

  6. Glorious isn’t it! And the picture does the colour of the bronze little justice. It look far more remarkable in the sun.

  7. I like the photos, but I’m not sure I would say the same about the bug 🙂

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