Happy Mothers’ Day to you all

We had our Mothers’ Day a few weeks ago here in England, but I know that it is celebrated today in various other parts of the world.

I walked in the woods this afternoon, and the ferns are pushing their way up throught the undergrowth. It was quite dark in the deeper part of the woods, and I obviously had my shutter speed set too fast (1/400th sec with ISO 800). However, as it turned out, my attempt at photographing a fern at this speed resulted in a “happy accident” as you’ll see.

No Photoshop needed here – just colour correction resulted in this rather ethereal picture.

So I’ll dedicate it to all the Mums out there … because it’s pretty … and Mums could always appreciate pretty 🙂

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]



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17 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day to you all

  1. Thank you, Alice; it is quite beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. Why, thank you Alice! Beautiful picture. Is that a dandelion seed perched on the fern?

  4. Beautiful photo! 🙂

  5. How pretty!

  6. Oh, Alice!! I love it.

  7. Thank you 🙂

  8. polly

    beautiful, Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day

  9. So soft! Love the photo. Thanks for posting it.

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