Wee beasties #44 – Spider in cow parsley

Thought I’d post this one just because …

I didn’t get close enough to find out exactly which type of spider it was – and, besides, it looked far too relaxed among the Cow Parsley to disturb.

Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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10 thoughts on “Wee beasties #44 – Spider in cow parsley

  1. What beautiful bizarre flowers! Of course, they do belong in your photos…after all, they have antennae!

    • You probably don’t have cow parsley where you are. Each flower is just one of a head of many, grouped together – each floret is maybe a tenth of an inch wide at most. Most people don’t tend to look that closely, because it’s a wild plant / weed. But you’re right – they are unusual as far as flowers go 🙂
      I suppose they have to extend their anthers like that because they are fighting against a crowd to get pollinated.
      I’d never thought about it before.

      • Interesting! You’re right, it’s hard to judge scale – I would have guessed that the florets were much bigger. (And you’re also right – I think – that cow parsley doesn’t grow around here; at least, I’ve never noticed it.) Some weeds are beautiful.

  2. Shudder !!!

  3. *Shiver*
    I know that spiders do wonderful things for our environment (eat pesky insects), but brrr, they scare the poo outta me!
    Lovely pic, though.

  4. I love spiders and think they are the most fascinating of creatures. I’m hoping you’ll spot more of them to share with us.

  5. I’ve got quite a few spider pics – they are not all pretty, but I’ll be sharing them as we go along 🙂

  6. @Alice, a very brilliant technique Macro … there are no other words – very stunning. My compliment 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog my friend, warm regards

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