Weekly photo challenge: Hands

I didn’t really think of anything that was fitting for this week’s challenge about hands.

I went scouring my photo albums for pictures taking during one of my previous “lives,” when I used to film professional American football. I have loads of pictures of athletic, muscular men leaping for the ball with outstretched hands – but, lately, looking back on things from my past have reduced me to tears …. and this was no exception. So I couldn’t use them!

As for taking a picture of my own hands, well – suffice it to say I don’t have the most pleasant looking digits, and I chew my nails, so that’s off the menu.

I was at a loss … but then I saw MindMindful’s contribution, and as soon as she said “solarizing effect” it reminded me of an arty little creation I made at a Christingle service here in our village. I don’t know if other countries have Christingle, but here it’s a children’s service that’s performed early in December in Churches of England.

The Christingle itself is comprised of an orange (representing the World), circled with a red ribbon (Christ’s blood), with sweets and dried fruits (fruits of the earth) skewered into the orange in four places (four seasons). A candle is in the top and is lit by another person’s candle, sometimes to the tune of “This little light of mine” to symbolise Jesus as the Light of the World.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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27 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Hands

  1. fabulous picture and take on theme… 😉

  2. Beautiful 🙂

  3. Very cool, Alice. I like your creativity on this shot.

  4. Very beautiful. Interesting too.
    I have a really hard time with this — think I may skip this week’s challenge..

  5. MindMindful

    Well, thanks for taking some inspiration from my photos! Don’t you just love the synergistic effect of blogging!? Haha.

    Interesting too about Christingle – thanks for the explanation:)

  6. a very lovely, artistic creation.

  7. What a great take in this theme!

  8. This is wonderful, Alice. I’m so glad that you decided to post this!

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  11. This is unique in its presentation. 🙂 And thanks for the accompanying info too.

  12. amazing, as usual!

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  16. Wonderful take! And thank you for educating me on the Christingle!

  17. Wonderful and thank you for sharing the meaning

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  19. @Alice, I am always amazed with your entry, you always have an amazing idea. My compliment to you 😛

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  21. Way Cool!

  22. Very creative approach! And I’ve never heard of Christingle, so thanks for the description!

  23. What a lovely treatment your hands got 😉
    Well done!

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