Wee beastie #49

I’ve found a new best friend.

Despite the sun making an appearance round our way this week, I was beginning to think I’d run out of completely new beasties to photograph in the local woods … and I can’t afford that trip to the Butterfly Farm yet. But yesterday, this handsome creature made an appearance in a bed of nettles as soon as I started my walk.

I think it’s a red-headed Cardinal beetle, and it appears to have a bit of a bad reputation among farmers and gardeners. But whatever its reputation, it’s certainly a striking looking insect – particularly those incredible antennae.

I nearly managed to capture a picture when it took flight – opening itself up like a Transformer – but it caught me by surprise, so it’s blurred. But I added it anyway.





© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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10 thoughts on “Wee beastie #49

  1. Such a lovely colour! It is so very hard to capture insects in flight, they always catch you unawares

  2. I love your photography!! Definitely inspires to get into macro photography. These are amazing. Love the color, too!

  3. Margie

    This looks a lot like the Red Lily Beetle we have here. Our beetle devours our lilies and has no known predators. Nice looking like yours though!

  4. Johna Till Johnson

    Fantastic series of photos! Thank you.

  5. Wow – what a beautiful color! The shape reminds me of a firefly, but I suppose that’s a pretty standard beetle shape. You have such an eye for these tiny creatures.

  6. Superb! Fascinating lil beast! Great shots.

  7. Absolutely brill’ pictures, well captured. love em’

  8. wow that is one awesome looking wee beastie. just gorgeous.

  9. Fabulous shots! 😉

  10. Did you know when you hold them in your hand (not too tight), they twitter like young sparrows?

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