Wee beasties #52 – Long-nosed Weevil

Found these beauties on some dock leaves down by the pond. I think they are some type of Long-nosed Weevil, although I haven’t been able to find any images of another that looks just the same. They are approximately 4mm long, or less than a quarter of an inch, but they have so much detail!

Look at that incredible nose, with antennae? half way down, and I wonder if they are furry…. they certainly have that texture about them. Enjoy the pictures.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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4 thoughts on “Wee beasties #52 – Long-nosed Weevil

  1. The first photo almost looks like they have rows of tiny, tiny studs on their wings!

  2. I like the patterns on it’s legs too..

  3. Your photos of these wee beasties are always marvelous, bringing the tiny critters to life. Now I’m wondering if the sensation of something crawling on me last night was my imagination thinking one of them was sharing my bed, or if it was a real spider.

  4. As usual, amazing shots! fascinating little creatures!

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