Wee beastie # 54 – Clothes moth? and 52 Pick up challenge: Bokeh

I saw this stunning coloured moth near the pond the other day. It was only about a centimetre (half an inch) long, but the shimmering bronze feathery wings were so dramatic in the sunshine. I photographed it and went back to look it up. I typed in what I thought would be pertinent descriptive key words, such as “bronze,” “shimmer,” “shiny,” and “beautiful” but came up with no images that matched my special creature. But then, looking through my Nature book, the closest image I found was that of a Clothes Moth! As in “common” and “pest” and “clothes eater” (at least, its larvae eat holes in clothing).

This voluptuous creature is the reason moth balls were invented.


I also like the softness of the background – especially in the first image – so I think this classifies as “bokeh”? And for that reason I want to add it to Print-Sense Photography’s 52 Pick-up photo challenge for “Bokeh” this week.

PS. They look a lot clearer if you click on the actual images.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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5 thoughts on “Wee beastie # 54 – Clothes moth? and 52 Pick up challenge: Bokeh

  1. Well, you’ve done it again – you make us see that things we hate are beautiful!

  2. Well done! A lovely Bokeh!

  3. Alice, your Macrolens continues to impress!

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