Probably won’t see that again …

My little village played host to a section of the Olympic torch relay this morning. The kids were allowed to stay out of school until 11am to watch the torch bearer run through the town en route eventually to London town for the Opening Ceremonies in approximately 31 days.

Residents lined the streets of the village as the cavalcade began to wheel its way through.

Even the police were in good spirits as they “fived” the crowds.

Then the vehicles came through. I didn’t realise until today that the torch is not carried on foot all the way down the country. When they are not actually running through a town, the flame is transported by coach!

This coach, in fact:

Then came the Samsung truck with some very animated dancers on top:

Then the Coca Cola truck that handed out bottles of Coke to the crowd:

There were a few other vehicles following through … but obviously we were most interested in the runner.

I wish I’d volunteered to run myself now, as none of the runners were actually from our village … Each runner only has to run 300 yards! And this one definitely pulled the long straw, because her route was completely downhill. Besides that, they each get to keep the tracksuit and the torch they carry (as the flame is transferred with each new runner), and I would definitely have loved to have that as a quirky plant pot!

Then before we knew it, it was all over.


The end.


© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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13 thoughts on “Probably won’t see that again …

  1. Fascinating!! Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

  2. For a few moments I lived vicariously through you, I doubt very much that I will ever be privileged to witness such an event.Thanks for sharing those great pictures

  3. Great experience! Great torch shot too!

  4. Love the torch shot.. I had no idea the torch wasn’t carried all the way either!

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  7. Amar Naik

    a proud moment. nice shots

  8. what a great moment to be part of

  9. What a great capture! How exciting to be so close.

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  11. Wish I were there this year for the festivities… It’s going to be a terrific games. I love your pictures and they made me wistful again! 🙂

  12. Great post – how great to see the Olympic torch, and wonderful that you were part of this “fleeing moment!”

  13. oops – FLEETING moment – although i guess it looks like it’s fleeing, too! 😉

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