Wee beasties #57 – Giant house spider

Not such a wee beastie was lurking in the shadows between a soap jar and a blue pottery cat on my bathroom ledge yesterday. It had to have been at least two inches long, and not the prettiest of creatures, I have to say.

When I pulled the cat away, I found that this female Giant House Spider had been weaving an incredibly dense, complicated series of webs that crackled as they stretched and snapped.

Note to self:

Dust more often.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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9 thoughts on “Wee beasties #57 – Giant house spider

  1. Great shots…((((((( shudder ))))))

  2. That is one creepy looking spider! The first shot is great Alice. I like how you captured both the spider in silhouette, and its reflection as well. Very nice shot indeed.

  3. Great shots! The first one is beautiful, and I never thought I would say that about a spider!

  4. Impressive beastie! Your photos are great, and I would like to advise you to get a real cat. They play or even eat with these spiders 😉

  5. quite the beastie indeed. Love that first shot, shadow, reflection and all.

  6. We have many of these spiders around, as well as the hobo spider. They are difficult to tell apart.

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