What in the hail was that?! AKA – WPC: Fleeting Moment

Yes, I have read the remit for the WordPress challenge this week, and I appreciate it’s supposed to be street photography. But my take on that is, if you want it to be street photography, then call the challenge “street photography.”

Today, the sun was shining, when all of a sudden, the sky became dark as a very dense cloud came over. Expecting one of the wierd short-lived deluges that we’ve been getting lately, I just turned on the reading lamp and thought myself thankful for being indoors. But the rapping on the window was harder than rain and I grabbed the camera and went to the back door where I was greeted with a hailstorm!

Granted, they weren’t the massive 2-3 inch hailstones they apparently got further south, but hailstones they were.

The cloudburst was a short-lived affair, a couple of minutes at most …… and then the sun shone again and the ice melted away!

Now you see it ….

Now you don’t!

I’d call that a fleeting moment.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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26 thoughts on “What in the hail was that?! AKA – WPC: Fleeting Moment

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  2. well done! hail is not an easy thing to photograph. you did great.

  3. Coffee time with Claudia

    Beautiful pics! 🙂

  4. The usual Alice perfection 🙂 I love it…and I am with you on the interpretation of the theme 100% and I even left a challenging comment on the site there…. at least Sara gave us “some slack” as to interpreting themes. Who is this new 8ird anyway???

  5. True, fleeting moment! Such beautiful photos! I’m thinking seriously about buying a macro lens.

  6. Wonderful pictures – I especially like the second one, that blue flower cupping hailstones like a display of diamonds!

  7. Beautiful!

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  9. I really love the second last one

  10. Oh those are beautiful ‘street’ moments! Wonderful details of the hail and flowers!

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  12. My thoughts exactly as far as street photography goes. As for your photos this week the second and the last one are unbelievable Alice. You have certainly outdone yourself with these.

  13. Oh wow, these are lovely photographs! Professionally done. 🙂

  14. Great series, and I love the title!

  15. Alice,
    I love your take on the topic! Hail certainly is a fleeting moment in the summer time. All the photos are good as usual, but the second one is stunning!

  16. gingerbreadcafe

    Beautiful images.

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  20. I love that last photo especially. The water droplets on that bright pink-edged leaf. Beautiful!

    Good point about the topic and street photography. This may be why I was feeling challenged at choosing a photo. I had pictures that I felt were fleeting moments but not necessarily street photography. I think my choices are more fleeting moments. http://designhouse9.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/fleeting-moment/

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  22. Those hail shots are amazing. Good Job! 🙂

  23. Great works with macros! What lens did you use for these shots?

  24. I love these water droplets!!!

  25. We’ve had several hail storms this summer. In other words: a typical Norwegian summer 🙂

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