Oh, how weird is this!?? WPC – Growth

I wrote this post about three hours ago, and decided to save it as a Draft until the Dark Globe actually posts it themselves.

But then, once again, the Weekly Challenge decided to gazump another blog site’s theme (remember the Where’s my Backpack challenge?).

Anyway, here is the post I prepared earlier ….


I’ve decided to try and enter the odd contest or two this year – even if there’s no significant prize. My moods have been so unsettled in recent weeks/months, that I am struggling to stay on any consistent track. The only time I feel in control is when I am devoting myself to a project.

So the “Tell me a story” contest over at the Dark Globe site seems like a gentle way to start.

The contest is purely for an award plaque that you can add to your own site, and the rule is to tell a story without words through a series of photographs.

There is a choice of three themes: Love, Growth or Survival.

Here is my entry for “growth.”

It’s my first attempt a a slide show, and, yes, they are artified through a bit of Photoshop saturation.

If you like it, do me a huge favour and pop over to my entry at the Dark Globe site, here, and press the like button there too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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23 thoughts on “Oh, how weird is this!?? WPC – Growth

  1. That’s a brilliant photo story

  2. Awesome


  3. Thanks!
    Hope it’s a worthy addition to the Dark Globe site.

  4. well for a first attempt it is brilliant

  5. Beautiful! Lovely progression – and fun that you could share it with two audiences!

  6. Very well done…

  7. Lovely slideshow.

    • Thanks Myra.
      I’ve just stopped by your website/blog, and as a lover and sad hoarder of gazillions of children’s literature books, I am so impressed at your organised approach. I am now following the blog, and hopefully I can find some of my own gems to share with you.

  8. I’m fascinated by the glow to the pictures… Looks sorta radioactive. 🙂

    • I was having a bit of a saturation moment… I took these on an old camera back when the poppies were rampant. I don’t usually play too much with Photoshop, but I quite like the effect in this instance

  9. Spiffing! A very joyful post 🙂

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  12. I love this. I went over and left a LIKE for you. How fragile and short life is. 😀

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