Watch out, Gaudi … Here I come!

There’s something remarkably cathartic about making bits fit where they can.

I started doing puzzles a few weeks ago, borrowing them from the library. But frustration tends to set in towards the end, especially if the last part of the puzzle is a big chunk of sky. If I can’t find the pieces that fit exactly, I become annoyed and give up.

But not so with mosaics.

Although I do possess many jars of regular, square vitreous glass mosaic pieces – a result of a history of excessive hoarding, I’m afraid – so far I have relied on using broken pieces of tiles and other pottery.

Not only is there an element of release that comes with smashing stuff up with a hammer … but when it comes down to fitting the bits into place, I don’t have to worry about getting the pieces exactly the right shape. I can take out my trusty nippers and create the shape to fit the space.

The other thing I’ve been able to do with these projects is take my time. Unusually, I haven’t been in a rush to get them finished the same day I start. I’ve been quite comfortable to do a bit on an evening, then leave it unfinished until the next day. I’ve been happy to slowly cement each piece with no need to hurry.

I also haven’t cared if I get mucky from the adhesive, or if it oozes, or if it doesn’t quite balance out.

All in all, a true relief from my usual position of perfectionism.

I started simple, with a pot:

Then I had a go at an old, round pub table:

And now I’ve started mosaicking (?) bits of the house – which I’ll show you next time.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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6 thoughts on “Watch out, Gaudi … Here I come!

  1. It’s surprising what doing one thing can start. Soon you’ll have all of your doors covered in mosaics as well 😉

  2. Quite the artist Alice, very nice!

  3. Wow – you’ve got a real trend going, and all so wonderful! Love the table!!

  4. DeeDee

    I’ve thought about doing this myself – my neighbor has done some lovely bits of mosaic and it looks so cool. Very nice examples, and if you can do so well on the first shot, maybe I can too!

  5. Love this. Can you write a post about how you do it? A little d.i.y.

  6. That’s the way to handle hoarding. I think I’ll have to start smashing things up. Just not sure I can put them together again as beautifully as you have

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