Fool’s Parsley again … with a visitor – Wee beastie #60

While we’re on the subject of Fool’s Parsley, I’ve been quite surprised how many times the plant has cropped up in my pictures. So I may pop a few posts in dedicated to what generally amounts to a pesky, and rather prolific, weed.

I’ve actually included its close relative, the Cow Parsley, before in one of my “wee beastie” posts here, and I assume it is called Fool’s Parsley because it is easily mistaken for Cow Parsley (a bit like Fool’s Gold is mistaken for gold).

This time, it had a very small visitor. The caterpillar can only have been about half a centimetre long – and I have no idea what it will eventually become.

Perhaps someone out there has a clue?




© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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8 thoughts on “Fool’s Parsley again … with a visitor – Wee beastie #60

  1. It has a cute face.

  2. It looks like it has a moustache.

  3. What incredible close ups.

  4. I wonder – is everything beautiful if you look at it closely enough? Your pictures make me think so!

    • Not everything. I have some pictures of dead insects that I haven’t posted because they make my skin crawl. But I agree that there is an awful lot of Nature’s wonders that we miss out on.

  5. his whole world is that plant. he has no idea there is a huge world about him. And that’s how it should be,methinks.

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