Weekly photo challenge: Merge

This is an interesting challenge this week. I know a lot of people are using it as an opportunity to merge two separate pictures through Photoshop or double exposure or whatever. I have a couple of pictures that fall into that category … but in this case, I have a feeling that that approach is not exactly what’s being asked of us.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking it, but it seems it’s trickier than that. I think the challenge is to capture two subjects that don’t seem to fit together, and make it work in a single picture. I love the idea of it – but, probably because I tend to focus on nature, I have to admit I couldn’t find anything that fit.

I have, instead, trawled through some of my old “real” photos from back in the days of 35mm film (remember that?)

We had been walking in the Yorkshire Dales and clicking a few sheep pictures, when I saw this lovely black-faced sheep grazing at the top of a hill. In the very far distance was one of few working collieries (coal mines) left in this country. It looks closer than it really was, probably because of foreshortening caused by the zoom lens. There was something about this picture that caused me to keep it, and even scan it into my computer – grains, dust, scratches and all. I think the contrast of the colourful, peaceful sheep grazing and the grainy, colourless industry of the colliery in the background is pretty symbolic. Especially in Yorkshire.

Click on the picture for more clarity

 © Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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31 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Merge

  1. Fantastic “merge”

  2. Nature and industry, merged into an image of today’s society. Great contribution, Alice.

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  5. This is a good one!

  6. Wonderful interpretation of this week’s theme. great post.

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  8. I think that’s perfect

  9. Alice, I understood the challenge just the same as you – and I think you ae really up to par: Great interpretation, quite thoughtful!

  10. polly

    I like how you did this challenge, I understood it to be the same way, I just have to get a photo of it.

  11. what an excellent choice for this challenge.

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  15. Love it! I always look forward to your answers to the Weekly Challenges. You do really nice work!

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  19. That is a good picture for the challenge! Also, well composed and interesting to look at. I’m afraid I fudged the “merge” theme, myself.

  20. This is absolutely perfect – love it!

  21. I interpreted the challenge the same way as you did, and actually our photos ended up being similarly themed but with very different subjects! I love the sheep, it’s so innocent and unaware of its polluted surroundings, very poignant.

  22. This is nice. I used one picture for the challenge – like you and some other bloggers – and I think that worked fine too. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the ‘like.’

  23. I can see why you kept the photo…there’s an eerie-ness about it and it is well-shot. Perfect shot for the challenge…

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