Weekly photo challenge: Urban

I hate the city. I hate the fast pace, the expanse, the crowds, the hiked up prices, the greyness, the intensity, the impersonal feel to it. I have never lived in a large city – despite having lived in many, many places in several countries over the years. Many of my family live in the London area – I could never live there. People don’t acknowledge each other in the city. They don’t smile or say good morning when they stand at bus stops. They are always in a hurry – and travelling on the underground trains is a claustrophobic, physical nightmare. I couldn’t go to the city to take “urban” pictures, because I would be anxious to have my camera out in public.

People who live in the cities will probably argue that all of the above statements are purely speculative and stereotypical … but hey,  it’s just the way I feel.

So this is the closest thing to “urban” I could find in a small pit village in the North of England – an old, disused factory, given a little colour by local artists.

(Click on the pictures for more clarity)





© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

Weekly challenge

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15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Urban

  1. Love your graffiti shots !

  2. No one would have known it wasn’t full blown urban had you not have said anything 🙂 Love the pics and colours.

  3. Excellent bunch of shot Alice. Looks “urban” enough to me. Well done!

  4. Great, colorful images!

  5. Awsome urban shots here Alice!

  6. Very nice! The graffiti says urban to me.

  7. Hi,

    my name is Terence and I posted this week’s photo challenge. I would like to put together a gallery of all the amazing submissions and wanted to ask if you would like to participate. If so you simply upload your photo to the gallery here:


    there is a submit button next to the title – please also add the location and if you have, a title (less important).


  8. Great capture. I like the color.

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  11. I like it! Nice work rising to the challenge without actually hitting a big city! I also hate the city and when we did venture into our little town this week I was always alone with all three of my girls, never a good photography moment so I missed the challenge. We need a Rural/country challenge next!

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  14. These will do very nicely for urban 🙂

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