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All good intentions …

Just wanted to post a brief note to say that I had the best of intentions to start posting and picturing regularly again this new year. I know I let it go towards the end of last year – and I was truly touched by those fellow bloggers who asked after me when I went missing.

Trouble is, I’ve also had to make some stiff rules for the monster-child’s behaviour, and one of the consequences of bad behaviour is to remove the internet from the house. True to form, he hasn’t been behaving well, and the house has been internet-less for a while now.

I just popped into the library today to grab a few minutes on the computer, but, as aforementioned son has now lost the internet until he completes a full week of school without incident, I don’t foresee being able to post my own photos or snippets of literary mastery for the next millenium… or at least until I present him with a set of luggage for his 16th birthday!

But, for the record, it’s snowing here, so you’ll just have to imagine the magical macros of ice and the ethereal images of the silent wintery woods.

Best wishes to you all.
See you next time I hit the library 🙂

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New Year’s Resolution …

Brushing out the cobwebs

Hold onto your pinnies, girls!

It’s time to roll up the sleeves, pull on the rubber gloves, shake out the feather duster, brush out the cobwebs, and regain a bit of floorspace from the rubble that was 2012.



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