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UnAnsel Series – Love in the Mist … Twisted

Thanks to Sharon over at newpillowbook for suggesting I start to call this series the “UnAnsel Series”. I always thought “Anti-Ansel Adams” sounded a bit harsh and inflammatory, but I couldn’t think of another way to describe this type of selective blurriness. (It really IS selective … honest!) ūüôā

Anyway, the UnAnsel Series it is from now on.

I’m throwing another entry into the weekly challenge pot, too, because this Love-in-the-Mist flower, as it begins to die down, definitely shows signs of being rather twisted.




© Alice through the Macro Lens [2014]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

I wasn’t keen on this week’s challenge. Firstly, because I don’t have internet anymore at my house and only have limited time at the library to log on. And secondly,¬†because I have to rely on the pictures I have stored on my computer (which aren’t many¬†since I¬†lost everything from an external hard drive).

Most of my stuff is nature-focused, for no better reason than it’s easier to find and closer to home.¬†But I do get a bit of a kick¬†when I come across an example of¬†nature reclaiming its territory. On this day, I noticed that somebody had spray painted a wall along a trail in the woods. They had pulled away¬†(rather forcefully and dismissively)¬†a lot of the ivy that had originally clung to the wall in order to create the space to paint, and piles of it were dumped on the ground alongside.¬†The twist in this tale¬†is that¬†the plant world¬†doesn’t go out like that, and¬†in parts, little by little, and inch by inch, the ivy¬†was beginning to creep back and reclaim the wall.






© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]


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How to abbreviate the Anti-Ansel Adams Series (oh, and Narcissus #2)

After venting a marathon rage against the British Social Care system on my other blog here, I’m now starting to get repetitive strain injury from writing the phrase “Anti-Ansel Adams,” and I’ve only used it three times in a title!

So I suppose I ought to think of a less exhausting way to present this magical series, as I foresee lots of blurry  painterly pictures coming this way.

The immediate phrase that comes to mind¬†is “Triple A” or “Three As” but I know those names¬†have already been gazumped by many a corporate slogan before now. I¬†believe “Triple A” in the States refers to a large¬†broken-down/lost keys/wrecked/”I swear I’ve never seen that car¬†in my life, officer”¬†automobile assistance organisation.¬† We folks in England have a similar thing, but with one less A.

“Three As” dredges up long-repressed memories and reminds me¬†of something far more sinister … the dread of every overweight, out of breath, unfit, uninterested, unsporty¬†school child … the AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. I don’t know if it still exists¬†–¬†I’ve been out of school for a few decades –¬†and¬†it may be a bitter remnant¬†from the all-girls’/all-boys’¬†Grammar schools, complete with blazers, boaters, big PE knickers,¬†jolly hockey sticks, and cross-country runs.

I was pants at athletics. But we were forced to do them. And after clocking in miraculous times of 20 seconds or more for the 100-yard “dash”, vomiting on the grass after the half mile, and buckling several hurdles, I was selected to represent my school at the Three A’s in Javelin. I couldn’t throw. I didn’t want to throw. So it was no great surprise –¬†but massive humiliation to me, and a source of further abuse from others – that I “fouled out” on every attempt, either because I stepped over the line or because my spear insisted on landing tail first.

So no, I won’t be referring to this series using any number of A’s.

Perhaps I could follow the idea of the NaNoWriMo and just use a couple of letters. How does AntAnAd sound? Or perhaps I’ll just have to strengthen my typing muscles and keep to the long version.

Ahhh … who knows. All suggestions welcome.

Here’s another picture anyway. Following on from yesterday’s post, this was taken at the same time and under the same conditions as the last one).

(click on it if you want a bigger version)


© Alice through the Macro Lens [2014]



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Anti-Ansel Adams Series – Narcissus

I know.

I took my time.

And after all that effort I put into explaining my theory behind the Anti-Ansel Adams Series too! (If you missed it, you can find it here).

I expect, for the time being, I’ll stick with flowers. I took this picture while I was out in my back yard. The light was fading, and I could hardly see the image after I took it. But I clicked a button on Photoshop¬†– I call it “season-all” –¬† you know that one … Image > Adjustments > Adjust All.

And Voila!

This was the result.



© Alice through the Macro Lens [2014]


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Ding Dong the Neighbour’s Gone!



Never underestimate the impact bad neighbours have on the mood and psyche of a person living next door.

I live in what’s known in England as a “mid-terrace house.” It was built in the Victorian era, around the turn of the 20th century (1912 to be exact) and I bought it – as opposed to renting someone else’s house – twelve years ago, thinking it would give my son and me some stability. The thing with terraced houses is that they are literally joined to each other, sharing a single wall between each property.

I love my home. It has four floors, three bedrooms, a massive attic room where I store all my crafty bits, and nine foot ceilings in most of the rooms. OK, the bathroom is in the cellar, and makes nighttime needs a bit of a pain, requiring¬†the descent of¬†two flights of stairs from the bedrooms. But that’s what buckets/chamber pots were invented for, isn’t it?

The “garden” is tiny, but I managed even to make that a pleasant place to be. Some of you may remember my efforts to build a raised bed (here) and other bits and bobs (here)¬†and add a few mosaics (here and here).¬† And all in all, it has been a peaceful domicile, my safe haven.

Then my next-door neighbours of eight years decided to move out and rent their home. The most recent¬†couple that moved in happened to be related to my neighbours on the other side of me, so I hoped they would be as friendly and respectful as their family members. But I was to be proved wrong very quickly. Within a week, the male of the family (man, woman and toddler) decided to move several “pit bikes” (small motorbikes) that he was fixing up into his cellar only minutes after riding them, and my house was consumed by the smell of diesel – a migrainous odour¬†that seeped in to every crevice of my house (and, I assume, theirs) for several days, even after the bikes were removed.

The couple’s communication seemed to be a long-range affair (shouting at each other from one room to another) and became quickly and progressively hostile. The language¬†grew nastier, and despite my best efforts to keep myself calm in the whirlwind that has become my own life by listening to classical music, crocheting, reading, or writing this blog,¬†my attempts to meditate became futile: drowned out by heavy basslines, screaming arguments, foul language, and the smashing of furniture. Add to this the continued barking of two pitbulls¬†(brought in, no doubt, to ward off anyone tempted to¬†thwart my neighbours’ new business venture of¬†cultivating¬†Cannabis plants in their loft) and you may imagine there was little chance of respite. On one particularly bad morning, hearing her screaming, the child screaming, and what sounded like him beating one or the other or both, I banged on their front door and attempted to intervene – only to be met with a¬†tirade¬†of verbal abuse, threats and warnings to “mind¬†your own f—ing¬†business, you dirty troll”¬†… from her!

God knows I felt for the child. I¬†know I should have called Children’s Services and reported what I heard – but the father¬†was, at best, a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal and, quite possibly (from what I heard from my side of the wall) a misogynist arsehole¬†who had no¬†qualms about physically and verbally assaulting a woman. And I admit I¬†was¬†too scared¬†to pick up the phone.¬†¬†Yet it all seemed so unfair to listen to the cries of that baby, knowing that parents like that were¬†able to keep their children, and I had lost mine for so much less.

The noise and hostility were relentless. No particular¬†time of the day seemed to be off limits. Neither one of the couple worked nor seemed to have any reason to leave the house, so the tempers could fray in the morning, afternoon, evening, and, more often than not, after midnight. I¬†have taken to spending¬†most of my waking hours away from what used to be my home and refuge. I haven’t¬†watched¬†Jeremy Kyle on¬†daytime television¬†in weeks! Instead, I catch a bus into town and sit in the library, or join an activity at MIND, or sit and drink coffee at a local community centre. I have become something of a “bag lady” wandering the streets with my tote full of unfinished crochet projects, books, and¬†a variety of hooks and yarns.

The day-in, day-out anger, aggression, and negativity that has been permeating my once-peaceful house would, I imagine, drain the lifeblood from even the most right-minded person. But topping that with my current state of mind: with my own depressive episodes, my own life trials, my own pinings for my son, and my own hollow emptiness, the daily drip, drip, dripping of hateful emotions from next door succeeded in destroying my soul.

Until yesterday.

I walked out of my front door yesterday morning¬†to be greeted by¬†next door’s¬†landlord and original owner¬†standing over¬†several pieces of broken furniture dumped on the front doorstep.¬†Apparently, the couple had not been paying their rent for the last few months, and they have been evicted. The¬†landlord¬†was not a happy man,¬†in fact he was fuming, and I felt¬†a little¬†embarrassed for the smile that crossed my face¬†when he told me they had gone.¬†He asked me if I had seen the state of¬†his house, and he showed me inside. I only saw the living room, but¬†that was enough. The carpets had been pulled up, and the laminate flooring was so soaked through and stained it had to be destroyed. The house wreaked of urine and mould where the dogs (I assume?) had used the rooms as a toilet, and the internal wooden doors were shredded, glass frames broken, and shelves pulled from the walls.

I feel for the owners of the property. They are a young, quiet couple who chose to hold onto the property as a nest egg for their daughter when she grows up. They have only had two tenancies since they began to rent their house out, and both have been disastrous. The first couple flooded the upstairs bathroom twice, causing the kitchen ceiling to fall through, and the property had to be fumigated five times to completely destroy a massive flea infestation. Both sets of tenants have been violent, loud, reckless, inconsiderate, and just downright dirty, necessitating major repairs and full redecorations after they left.

I will be selling my own house in the next few months. I can’t afford the mortgage now that I’ve lost my job. More than that, it’s an awfully empty place without my son and too full of memories and unfulfilled dreams of a happy family life. I¬†did consider¬†renting it out myself, but having seen how next door’s tenants have brutalised the property, it would break my heart to think that anyone¬†might¬†treat my home that way – so I’m selling up and moving on.

Meanwhile, the landlord next door already has his next tenant lined up – ETA is two weeks time.

Can’t wait :-/

(Have a listen to this song. If only it had been about loud music and stupid laughter! But it put a smile on my face when I listened. Thanks, David)


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After The Storm

It’s so good to see how much the Broken Light Collective has grown since its inception in 2012. I posted a couple of times on it waaay at the beginning, and this photograph of mine has been featured today. As you will read, my life has changed drastically in that time too, and any channels that highlight the seriousness and pervasiveness of mental illness should be applauded.


I called this post “After the Storm”

Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by contributor ‚ÄúAlice,‚ÄĚ a 49-year-old woman living in the north of England. She has suffered¬†with severe depressive episodes since her late teens, but only¬†two years ago was diagnosed with¬†Cyclothymia, a milder form of Bipolar Disorder, followed recently by an additional diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.¬†Along with¬†her own struggles with mental health, her son, then aged 12,¬†began¬†physically assaulting her and has¬†now been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder.¬†Alice¬†began her blog¬†Alice Through the Macro Lens¬†in 2012 in an effort to try to understand her journey through the mental health process and has used this forum to display some of her photography, in which she finds solace. Recently, she began a sister blog,¬†Like a Circle in a Spiral¬†to¬†document¬†the struggles¬†of raising a child with his own difficulties.

About this photo: “It was with no small irony that I just looked back to a couple of contributions I…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

I hate cities, but I visit one regularly because it is the choice of my son to have our fortnightly contact time there.

Occasionally, we visit a dubious, but very interesting part of this particular city, where very eager “salesmen” offer bargain prices for “designer¬†goods” out of side-street operations.

This remnant of a building, perched round the back of this series of streets, always fascinates me. I have never had a camera with me when I am in the neighbourhood (for obvious reasons) but I tried to take a couple of pictures on my phone last time we went.

As it happened, the area is restricted by a tall steel fence, and it’s impossible to get very close.¬†On the original¬†photo,¬†the picture was¬†blanched by the surrounding sky, and the structure itself was just a silhouette. But I used Photoshop to¬†claw¬†back a bit of the detail, and the result is a bit “arty” (that’s Alice-talk for “I made a bunch of mistakes, but it was too much effort to keep going back to start again.”)

I have no idea why this part of the building has been left standing.¬†I just think it’s a fascinating remnant.

I wonder what stories those doors could share?

(click on photo for clarity-ish)

‚ÄúAh, what sights and sounds and pain lie beneath that mist. And we had thought that our hard climb out of that cruel valley led to some cool, green and peaceful, sunlit place---but it's all jungle here, a wild and savage wilderness that's overrun with ruins. But put on your crown, my Queen, and we will build a New City on these ruins.‚ÄĚ  Eldridge Cleaver  "Soul on Ice"

‚ÄúAh, what sights and sounds and pain lie beneath that mist. And we had thought that our hard climb out of that cruel valley led to some cool, green and peaceful, sunlit place—but it’s all jungle here, a wild and savage wilderness that’s overrun with ruins. But put on your crown, my Queen, and we will build a New City on these ruins.‚ÄĚ
Eldridge Cleaver “Soul on Ice”


© Alice through the Macro Lens [2014]


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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I expect there’ll be all sorts of “moving” entries for this week’s photo challenge, but I thought I’d refer back to what I seem to know best … bugs ūüôā

Only bits of this hoverfly were really on the move, I’ve read differing reports about how fast¬†its wings actually beat (anything between 120 and 300 beats per second) but either way, it’s bloody fast. Even with the old “Anti-Ansel Adams” fast shutter speed going on, I still only managed a blur for the wings.

What a way to live!

(click on the photos for bigger and better viewing)




© Alice through the Macro Lens [2014]


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Spoken like a true Dalek …



After a fifth and final hearing at work last week, I was officially “terminated” from my job, due to ill-health.

It is now a week later. Does that mean I am now “ex-terminated”?¬†



(And, yes, it was just an excuse to put pictures of daleks on my blog).


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