How to abbreviate the Anti-Ansel Adams Series (oh, and Narcissus #2)

After venting a marathon rage against the British Social Care system on my other blog here, I’m now starting to get repetitive strain injury from writing the phrase “Anti-Ansel Adams,” and I’ve only used it three times in a title!

So I suppose I ought to think of a less exhausting way to present this magical series, as I foresee lots of blurry  painterly pictures coming this way.

The immediate phrase that comes to mind is “Triple A” or “Three As” but I know those names have already been gazumped by many a corporate slogan before now. I believe “Triple A” in the States refers to a large broken-down/lost keys/wrecked/”I swear I’ve never seen that car in my life, officer” automobile assistance organisation.  We folks in England have a similar thing, but with one less A.

“Three As” dredges up long-repressed memories and reminds me of something far more sinister … the dread of every overweight, out of breath, unfit, uninterested, unsporty school child … the AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. I don’t know if it still exists – I’ve been out of school for a few decades – and it may be a bitter remnant from the all-girls’/all-boys’ Grammar schools, complete with blazers, boaters, big PE knickers, jolly hockey sticks, and cross-country runs.

I was pants at athletics. But we were forced to do them. And after clocking in miraculous times of 20 seconds or more for the 100-yard “dash”, vomiting on the grass after the half mile, and buckling several hurdles, I was selected to represent my school at the Three A’s in Javelin. I couldn’t throw. I didn’t want to throw. So it was no great surprise – but massive humiliation to me, and a source of further abuse from others – that I “fouled out” on every attempt, either because I stepped over the line or because my spear insisted on landing tail first.

So no, I won’t be referring to this series using any number of A’s.

Perhaps I could follow the idea of the NaNoWriMo and just use a couple of letters. How does AntAnAd sound? Or perhaps I’ll just have to strengthen my typing muscles and keep to the long version.

Ahhh … who knows. All suggestions welcome.

Here’s another picture anyway. Following on from yesterday’s post, this was taken at the same time and under the same conditions as the last one).

(click on it if you want a bigger version)


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3 thoughts on “How to abbreviate the Anti-Ansel Adams Series (oh, and Narcissus #2)

  1. Maybe the UnAnsel?

  2. Perfect! The UnAnsel Series it is from now on. So much less inflammatory than Anti-Ansel.
    Glad you’re back 🙂

  3. I pick you for the Liebster Award, check this out

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