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Betrayal ….

Credit: The Fly movie

Credit: The Fly movie

I haven’t blogged for a minute, because it would seem that someone, somehow, has figured out who I really am and felt the need to pass on this information to those who could potentially use the writings I share here against me.

Those of you who have held a passing interest in the bits between the photos will be aware that I occasionally discuss the struggles I have, both with my fluctuating mental health and with the care of my son. And until now, I felt safe to do so under a cloak of anonymity. To my knowledge, only a couple of hand-picked, trusted individuals knew the link between me, “Alice,” and Wordpress.

So it was disarming to say the least, to have two separate conversations in the last couple of weeks – one with the Court-appointed Psychiatrist and one with my son’s Social Worker – during which, both parties mentioned that they have had sight of this blog, and made various comments about the content.

The sacred cat, it appears, seems to be very much out of the bag.

I don’t know how they know. I have tried to “google” my real name, and there appears to be no obvious link to this blog that I can see. But the fact that they do know is disturbing and, frankly, I’m pissed off about it. In my opinion, neither of the two abovementioned parties have my best interests at heart, and as far as the court proceedings about my son are concerned, they are both on the other side of the table from me.

So, not content with interrogating me within an inch of my life for court assessments, both the Court-appointed Psychiatrist and my son’s Social Worker also have access to my innermost thoughts.

And who else? After all, it seems there have been many conversations about me recently – conversations that I have not been privy to. So, anyone happen to get a nod in this direction? My mother? My brother? My son??

For a while, I did consider throwing in the towel and actually give them links to every post I have written that might be of some interest to them … But you know what? Bollocks to that …. you want to find dirt, you’re going to have to dig for it. I have 180+ posts on this site, and I dare you to wade through all the bugs and flowers and dewdrops and pictures of nothing-in-particular to see what you can come up with.

I hope they are paying you plenty overtime ….

Oh, and I take back what I said about the cat earlier. Nothing’s sacred anymore.

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