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Fool’s Parsley again … with a visitor – Wee beastie #60

While we’re on the subject of Fool’s Parsley, I’ve been quite surprised how many times the plant has cropped up in my pictures. So I may pop a few posts in dedicated to what generally amounts to a pesky, and rather prolific, weed.

I’ve actually included its close relative, the Cow Parsley, before in one of my “wee beastie” posts here, and I assume it is called Fool’s Parsley because it is easily mistaken for Cow Parsley (a bit like Fool’s Gold is mistaken for gold).

This time, it had a very small visitor. The caterpillar can only have been about half a centimetre long – and I have no idea what it will eventually become.

Perhaps someone out there has a clue?




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Wee beastie #58 – Wasp

OK, I’m cheating a little bit, because I said I would not repeat a bug during this challenge. However, the other time I pictured a wasp, it was in silhouette and didn’t reveal much detail.

See here for the previous post.

This one, on the other hand, was not buzzing around my bedroom window (thank goodness). It was outside, waging war on the spiders that had set up shop in a rather scruffy looking conifer in my neighbour’s garden. No, those aren’t fangs protruding from its face – I believe they are antennae. But, in my opinion, they just add to its fearsome look.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beasties #57 – Giant house spider

Not such a wee beastie was lurking in the shadows between a soap jar and a blue pottery cat on my bathroom ledge yesterday. It had to have been at least two inches long, and not the prettiest of creatures, I have to say.

When I pulled the cat away, I found that this female Giant House Spider had been weaving an incredibly dense, complicated series of webs that crackled as they stretched and snapped.

Note to self:

Dust more often.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beasties # 56 – Spiderlings!

I found these little sweethearts clustered together, suspended from a multitude of web strands between a brick and, of all things, a Disney DVD that had been thrown into my garden by the next door neighbour’s daughter. This, I would say, is the epitome of “close” in the weekly photo challenge sense. I took many pictures as I prodded the ball of babies and watched them spread out along the webs – but they always returned quickly to the safety of the mass.

They are the offspring of the Garden or Cross spider – but if you look at the link, you will see they look nothing like the parent … so I guess the changes occur with each shedding of the skin as they grow.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beastie #55 – Black-clouded longhorn beetle

My last three “wee beastie” posts have emerged from one trip I took to the woods last week. When I first noticed this little guy, I thought it was another weevil as I showed here, but on closer examination, he had more of an ant’s face than the long nose of the weevil.

I have since learned that he is a rather descriptively named Black Clouded Longhorned Beetle.

(As usual, click on the images for more clarity).

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012

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Wee beastie # 54 – Clothes moth? and 52 Pick up challenge: Bokeh

I saw this stunning coloured moth near the pond the other day. It was only about a centimetre (half an inch) long, but the shimmering bronze feathery wings were so dramatic in the sunshine. I photographed it and went back to look it up. I typed in what I thought would be pertinent descriptive key words, such as “bronze,” “shimmer,” “shiny,” and “beautiful” but came up with no images that matched my special creature. But then, looking through my Nature book, the closest image I found was that of a Clothes Moth! As in “common” and “pest” and “clothes eater” (at least, its larvae eat holes in clothing).

This voluptuous creature is the reason moth balls were invented.


I also like the softness of the background – especially in the first image – so I think this classifies as “bokeh”? And for that reason I want to add it to Print-Sense Photography’s 52 Pick-up photo challenge for “Bokeh” this week.

PS. They look a lot clearer if you click on the actual images.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beasties # 53 – Picture-winged fly

As I was hanging out in the same clump of plants next to the pond in which I found the Long-nosed weevils yesterday, my phone rang. During my conversation, this pretty fly landed on a dock leaf nearby. So with one hand holding the phone to my ear, I reached the camera out with my other hand and clicked when it looked like it was in focus.

One click was all I got, because the fly took off straight away.

It’s not the best picture I’ve taken, but it’s the only one I have …. and I wanted to share this Picture-winged fly with you.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beasties #52 – Long-nosed Weevil

Found these beauties on some dock leaves down by the pond. I think they are some type of Long-nosed Weevil, although I haven’t been able to find any images of another that looks just the same. They are approximately 4mm long, or less than a quarter of an inch, but they have so much detail!

Look at that incredible nose, with antennae? half way down, and I wonder if they are furry…. they certainly have that texture about them. Enjoy the pictures.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beastie #51 – Zebra spider

I think this post epitomises the reason I became so fascinated by the world through a macro lens.

This little chap is apparently “very common” according to my little book of Nature – but, as usual, I have never noticed one before today. Neither, as it happened, had anyone I showed the picture to. Not unexpectedly, it is commonly known as a Zebra Spider, and there he was, along with several little mates, wandering around an old Buddleia tree outside the garden.




© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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Wee beastie # 50 – Froghopper: Cercopis vulnerata

I realise I haven’t been posting for a while. Times are not great, and I am shocked to see it’s been a week since the last post.

This one has taken a fair while to even get off the ground too – and there’s no telling when the motivation will increase. Hopefully, soon.

Meanwhile, I took the dog to the reservoir last week in search of bugs, and came across this one hiding in the long grass. I assumed it was another Burnet moth, because of the markings and because I thought I saw it flying for a little while. I have already posted a picture of a Burnet moth (see here), so I left these pictures in the archives. However, reading a nature book today, I noticed an illustration of this wee beastie – and it is not a moth at all. It is apparently a member of the Froghopper family – known by its Latin name Cercopis vulnerata. It’s believed that the stunning markings are designed to ward of predators, and the “flying” I witnessed was actually an illustration of the tiny (about 1cm long) creature’s ability to jump incredible heights.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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