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Bug-a-day #28 – Drain fly

This, believe it or not, has been one of the most frustrating little beasts to photograph so far!

I started trying to take it’s picture about two weeks ago, and since then, I’ve tried again each time I’ve been to the woods – but never managed a decent picture until today.

Firstly, it’s tiny (about 2mm from wing tip to wing tip). Secondly, it never stops moving – either flying off at the merest disturbance, or doing this very strange revolving circular dance, a bit like one of those little wind-up clockwork toys I used to have when I was younger. And thirdly, it has this unusual irridescent “furry” body cover, which screws with the focus at the best of times.

But I think patience has been a virtue in this case, and I finally achieved a reasonably acceptable picture. Click on it to see a clearer version.

I thought it was some kind of mini-moth – but it is apparently a Drain Fly.   A bit of a pest, apparently.

My thoughts entirely …

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