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What in the hail was that?! AKA – WPC: Fleeting Moment

Yes, I have read the remit for the WordPress challenge this week, and I appreciate it’s supposed to be street photography. But my take on that is, if you want it to be street photography, then call the challenge “street photography.”

Today, the sun was shining, when all of a sudden, the sky became dark as a very dense cloud came over. Expecting one of the wierd short-lived deluges that we’ve been getting lately, I just turned on the reading lamp and thought myself thankful for being indoors. But the rapping on the window was harder than rain and I grabbed the camera and went to the back door where I was greeted with a hailstorm!

Granted, they weren’t the massive 2-3 inch hailstones they apparently got further south, but hailstones they were.

The cloudburst was a short-lived affair, a couple of minutes at most …… and then the sun shone again and the ice melted away!

Now you see it ….

Now you don’t!

I’d call that a fleeting moment.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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