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Bug-a-day #32 – St Mark’s fly

For fear of sounding like a broken record, I had never come across this guy before I photographed him at our local wildlife park the other day.

He wasn’t part of any exhibit, he was quite well disguised on a tree that we passed on the way to see the camels.

I looked him up (and I’m safe to say “him” this time, because apparently the females have a different look about them) and found that he is a St Mark’s Fly – so named, because the adults start to emerge around St Mark’s Day (April 25th).

So that’s two new pieces of trivia I learned in one swoop, because I didn’t even know there was a St Mark’s Day, let alone a St Mark’s Fly.

Not only does this guy have a very cool mating dance  …. but he has hairy eyes!  (see second picture)

I’ve met some people with hair in some strange places in my time, but this has to win the prize for the strangest.

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