Flight – a poem

The ceiling has captured her unflinching gaze,

The shadows meander beneath moonlit haze.

The salty, warm trickle that moistens her cheek

Betrays words unspoken.


In silence, she weeps.


She aches for the dream that awakens her soul;

When conscious formality loses control.

She searches oblivion, closes her eyes,

And permits sweet illusion to open the skies.


Her wings lift her higher than ever before.

She licks rainbow droplets. In passion she soars.

But glorious nectar conceals false delight,

Laying sweet, sticky trappings for dreamers in flight.


Her wings start to wither, her joy cannot last.

Awakening consciousness swallows the past,

And reality wrestles the dream to the ground,

Presenting a new day of banal surround.


So she replays the hours of one heavenly night,

Reliving the taste of euphoric delight.

Disregarding the whim that his love was untrue,

She smiles at the memory long overdue;

Content that for one perfect, beautiful moment ~

                                                                             She flew

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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