“Cyclothymia” (sung to the tune of “Record Breakers”) …

Ever since the psych suggested I have Cyclothymia (which he pronounced CY-CLO-THEE-MIA, as opposed the posh, pretentious version I’ve been hearing ever since),  I keep singing the tune to  “Record Breakers” in my head!

As a result, and in a desperate attempt to find closure, I have been forced to compose the rest of the lyrics to the “cyclothymia song.”

I offer no apologies for the rubbishness of the lyrics, as I am no poet and certainly no songwriter. But it feels quite cathartic to finally get it out of my head and onto paper!

Disclaimer:   I do recognise there are those (probably MANY for a multitude of reasons!) of you who do not remember the theme tune to Roy Castle’s “Record Breakers” – epic kids’ show from the eighties.

To you, I say …….   oh well.

The Cyclothymia Song

If you have thoughts that are racing, if you feel displaced,

If you are ranting and raving, if you misbehave,

If you have up days and down days, if you wear a frown,

You might have Cyclothymia!

Yes, that’s right, Cyclothymia!

They call it Cyclothymia!

If you spend money like water when you shouldn’t ought,

You’re being edgy and risky, maybe over-frisky?

See your doctor for healing, tell them how you feel,

You might have Cyclothymia!

It could be Cyclothymia!

They call it Cyclothymia!

Ahhh …. that feels SO much better!

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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