Feeling the blues …

Despite feeling like absolute doo doo today – strangely weepy but buzzy at the same time – I have been finding solace in this blogging business. I think it has something to do with the fact that, despite intending this to be primarily an attempt at some form of writing therapy, I have been receiving some incredibly kind feedback about my photos. So much so, that on those days when writing/smiling/motivation to do anything doesn’t come easily, I can just plonk a photo on my blog page, and it receives feedback in its own right.

I’ve always preached (if only to myself) that a person shouldn’t require validation from others to feel complete, but I tell you something …. it doesn’t half lift your spirits when you’re feeling like ten-day-old sewage!

So, in right royal honour of a day perfect for the Blues, here’s a picture I took about twenty years ago (when I was just an egg, of course) on my old “manual everything” Fujica 35mm camera with a big lens that I bought as a package from a pawn shop in Texas for $50.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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One thought on “Feeling the blues …

  1. This is awesome. Nevermind loving photography … you hit on one of my favorite kinds of music – the Blues. BUT, I’m sorry your feeling down. I hope you’re spirits are lifted knowing your post made some people smile. 😀

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