Weekly photo challenge: Sun Again!

We haven’t been getting much Sun here in the north of England this week – and even when it has shone, the clouds are never far away. As a result, the dandelions have been loathe to do their metamorphoses into “clocks” and let me experiment with an idea I had.

But yesterday, I got lucky. Not only was there a bit of sunshine, but amongst a field full of dandelions, I found ONE that had transformed into a seedhead “clock.”

I wanted to see what they looked like when photographed in front of the sun, and despite mixed results, I think it was worth the effort.


Just been trawling through the 500 or so entries to this week’s challenge and noticed that Jessie at Behind the Willows posted a similar photo with a dandelion seedhead!  Evidently, the sun got to her before me 🙂


Weekly Challenge

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Sun Again!

  1. Gorgeous. What awesome photos. Love them. 😀

  2. Love them!!!

  3. very effective and clever pictures..;)

  4. Lucky that the sun was shining, the result is beautiful!

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  6. There must be something just extra sunny about dandelions even when they’ve gone to seed! Great photos your macro shots are always fun to see!

  7. Wonderful pictures! Excellent post.

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  9. These are beautiful! I love the way the sun shines through the dandelions.

  10. Amazing! I especially like the first one – almost monochrome, with the dandelion pretty much filling the frame and that huge looming stalk…there’s something mysterious about it.

    You must have been lying flat on the ground to get these shots. Now that’s dedication 🙂

  11. Lovely pictures

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  15. This is a very original post Alice. Great take!

  16. great photos!

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