Wee beasties #46 – The Sting (so to speak…)

They’re here – one of my least favourite signs of Summer.

I saw a Greenfly with wings (i.e. full adult) perched on a rose stem this afternoon.

All very well to see only one, but I already suspected that round the next leaf corner would be some of its disgusting, pesky aphid offspring.

Yep … there they were… in all their diabolical glory.

But, some of you more alert viewers may have noticed from the first picture there were other creatures in the neighbourhood … and rumour has it that these particular creatures like to feast on aphids.

Now I know it’s wrong to interfere with the laws of Nature, but I couldn’t help myself. I was compelled to collect a couple from a nearby bush and put that theory to the test. And the results are now in ….

Ladybirds love to eat greenfly aphids.

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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16 thoughts on “Wee beasties #46 – The Sting (so to speak…)

  1. that last shot is incredible. wow.

  2. Very well done, as usual! It was so nice of you to escort the ladybugs to their dinner table!

  3. Hooray for ladybugs! That last picture is astonishing. (And I HATE aphids.)

  4. I have noe idea what a greenfly is, but: go ladybird!!
    Awesome photos.

  5. Wonderful Alice! Just wonderful!

  6. Terrific last shot! Are you using your tripod now?

  7. No!
    It’s not moved from leaning against my kitchen cupboard since I bought it!
    Old habits die hard 🙂

  8. Wow. Those are some amazing shots! Good eye!

    The little bugs creep me out but I love the ladybug. I like that it eats the creepy bugs. Much like dragonflies! Yay for carnivorous bugs!!!

  9. Amazing LB shot! Beautiful!

  10. Amazing shots! Love that last one, perfect timing!

  11. I love the ladybug shots! Wow!

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