They DO exist! Wee beasties #61 – Grasshopper

I have not seen a Grasshopper for years! Their absence has been noted on more than one occasion around my local area, and to be honest, I haven’t seen one since I was a child. They used to be seemingly everywhere when I was young – often heard before they were seen – and something to chase through the field until disappearing into a bunch of stinging nettles. (I can still feel the blisters as I think about it).

I have memories of them being a common sight when I was a younger girl. Granted, I haven’t spent a lot of time in England during my adulthood, but I have been around for the last ten years, and I haven’t spotted a single one. Is it a Yorkshire thing? Or are they dwindling in numbers in other areas too? I’ve actually wondered, more than once, if they were becoming extinct.

Until today! I just stumbled across this rather crusty looking character while I was on blackberry-picking expedition. He’s not the sleek green version I remember from days of yore, and he looks like he’s had a pretty tough paper round . . .

but a Grasshopper is a Grasshopper.

At last!

© Alice through the Macro Lens [2012]

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7 thoughts on “They DO exist! Wee beasties #61 – Grasshopper

  1. Wonderful Photos.

  2. Hmm, I’ll have to keep my eyes open and see whether there are still grasshoppers over here! They used to be everywhere when I was growing up, but somehow I stopped paying attention to them. Though I would swear that I’ve heard them “fiddling” within the last few weeks…

  3. Still have them here In cambridgeshire.. but I haven’t heard/seen many

  4. Oh! Had you told me, I could have shared many photos of many grasshoppers earlier in this summer. I have a slope topped by shrubs that they appear to consider absolute heaven. Argh! When I was very young – verrrrryyy young – my father would send me out to capture grasshoppers for fishing bait. Perhaps that is why I hold them in little regard.

  5. Lori Ono

    I was just reading your copyright info. Very good! Where did you get the text from? I’m interested in finding some useful wording for that issue.

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